Fiat 500 Classic - Manual Trasmission



Vehicle Description

The Fiat 500 Classic from the '60s is an icon of the Italian automotive industry, renowned for its distinctive design and practicality. Introduced in 1957, this small city car has become a symbol of style and versatility. With its compact size and adorable body, the Fiat 500 represented the ideal solution for urban mobility.

Its rear-engine and rear-wheel-drive configuration made it an agile and maneuverable vehicle, perfect for city life. The Fiat 500 Classic from the '60s was characterized by its rounded lines, distinctive headlights, and a canvas sunroof, offering a unique and enjoyable driving experience. Despite its modest power, the Fiat 500 won the hearts of millions due to its timeless charm and unparalleled practicality.

Available from April to October.

*Dear customers, we would like to inform you that the rates displayed on our website refer to starting at* for low season and/or long term rental and the daily rate may undergo significant variations depending on the seasonal period, availability, and demand. These are starting prices and therefore, to obtain an accurate quote, we always recommend that you contact us directly.

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    The price includes: Road tax, Limitation of liability for damage to the vehicle (Liability equal to € 3500.00), Limitation of liability for theft and fire (Liability equal to € 3500.00), Second driver, 300 km per day and VAT.


    Car return in a different location from the pickup point is available with an extra fee

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